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Fenn Farm is Inspiration For Winning Logo


Arielle Matthews, grand prize winner of our Logo Contest with Robin Fenn, lifelong
resident and owner of Fenn Farm, at the site that inspired her drawing.

Photo Copyright American-Republican Inc. All rights reserved
Used With Permission


"Branching Toward the Future While Rooted in Tradition"

When asked about her theme for the logo, Arielle said "Fenn Farm was interesting. I had been reading in the paper recently that Middlebury was considering purchasing it for the land trust. I thought it was very fitting for the occasion -- that Fenn Farm would be here for so many years -- it would be a good choice for the logo. It's a beautiful place, and very quaint."

Arielle's logo will be used for all of our Bicentennial events and memorabilia.


Public Unveiling Ceremony
Saturday, April 29th
Shepardson Community Center

Walter Manuel, Brittney Mitchell, Lauren Buckley, and Arielle Matthews are accompanied by their parents,
 sponsor Angela Corcoran, Selectman Elaine Strobel and First Selectman Edward St. John at the unveiling ceremony.
(Photo courtesy Harold F. West, Jr.)

Everyone in attendance celebrated the Logo Unveiling with light refreshments, balloons, and old-fashioned camaraderie.

The prizes and ceremony were sponsored by Weichert Realtors of Middlebury.

This was the first official event of Middlebury's historic Bicentennial Year, which will be celebrated throughout 2006-2007

Winning Logos!

Arielle Matthews
Holy Cross


Walter Manuel
Long Meadow Elementary School


Brittney Mitchell
Middlebury Elementary School

Lauren Buckley
Memorial Middle School



Logo Contest Judging
Sunday April 2 at the Middlebury Firehouse

The judging for the Middlebury Bicentennial Logo Contest took place Sunday April 2, 11:00 A.M. at the Middlebury Firehouse.  The judging was not open to the public.

At the firehouse, Crosby Middlemass distributes submissions to Agnes Lutes,
Arlene McAuiffe, Jane Sarjeant, and Suzanne Kenishea.

The judges for the Logo Contest were announced on Sunday February 26th at 11:00 AM at the Middlebury Historical Society.

  Contest Judges Suzanne Kenishea (top), Arlene McAuliffe, Agnes Lutes, and Jane Sarjeant.
Not pictured: Ray Sullivan

Middlebury Bicentennial Theme
Ms. Agnes Lutes
V.P. Historical Society.

Dr. Ray Sullivan
Bicentennial Logo Contest Subcommittee.

Ms. Jane Sarjeant
Fine Arts Director - Region 15.

 Ms. Suzanne Kenishea
PTO President/Bicentennial Logo Contest Subcommittee.

Overall Appeal
Ms. Arlene McAuliffe
Fourth Grade Teacher/Bicentennial Arts Subcommittee.

The contest was open to students attending Middlebury schools, and any other Middlebury children who are home-schooled, or attend public, private or parochial schools. The contest is aimed at school-age children, not adults or professionals. There are four contest levels with a winner at each level and a final overall winner. The levels are K - 3,
4 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 -12.

The first prize winners will receive a $100 savings bond, and the Grand Prize winner will receive a $500 savings bond, and all winners will receive public recognition.


Contest Subcommittee Members
Suzanne Kenishea, Ray Sullivan and Crosby Middlemass


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