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License Information

Bicentennial Wording and Bicentennial Logo

Please see our Logo Contest for background on the logo.

The words "Middlebury Bicentennial" and the Middlebury Bicentennial Logo are registered trademarks with the Secretary of the State of Connecticut.

Use of the logo requires a written License Agreement from the committee.

The Middlebury Bicentennial Committee
PO Box 1327
Middlebury, Connecticut 06762

Copyright © 2007 Town of Middlebury Connecticut Bicentennial Committee
PO Box 1327, Middlebury, CT  06762

Middlebury Bicentennial® and the Middlebury Bicentennial Logo® are Registered Trademarks.
Products using the words "Middlebury Bicentennial" or using the Middlebury Bicentennial Logo
must be licensed by the Town of Middlebury Connecticut Bicentennial Committee