MIddlebury Trivia Answers

  1. Perrotti’s
  2. Mayo’s
  3. (Le Bobadel Gourmet Market)
  4. On the south side of Route 64 in the center of town where Middlebury Station is (Dunkin Donuts).
  5. Maples, on Straits Turnpike (Route 63)
  6. The County Gate Restaurant
  7. Bissell Rock off Porter Avenue
  8. Lift the Latch (now called Tucker Hill Inn)
  9. Rose-Hurst
  10. The library was originally in the Town Hall basement; after the fire of 1935 it was moved to the Center School house.
  11.  On the east side of Straits Turnpike where the strip-mall is now.
  12. Delia Bronson; she was the first? policewoman, teacher, librarian, historian, founder of the 4-H Club.
  13. Naum Gabo
  14. Titus Bronson (founder of Kalamazoo), Theophil Prudden (famous pathologist), Grant Goodeve (Eight is Enough), Katie Stevens (musician, actress), etc.
  15. Brookdale Farm
  16. Hop, Goat, Longmeadow, Wooster, Long Swamp…
  17. Little People’s Village, actually located in Waterbury off Old Waterbury Road.