Middlebury Trivia Questions

  1. What was the restaurant called before Pies and Pints?
  2. What was the restaurant before Maggie McFly’s
  3. Watts Electric is now what restaurant?
  4. Where was Meadowbrook Plantation and what’s there now?
  5. What is oldest restaurant still in operation?
  6. What was located were Juniper’s Restaurant is now?
  7. What is the largest visible rock/boulder in town?
  8. What is the oldest Inn in Middlebury?
  9. What were the riding stables named?
  10. Where was old library located and who ruled the roost?
  11. Where was the original Maples?
  12. What librarian packed a .38? and why?
  13. Name a world-famous Middlebury artist
  14. Name another famous Middleburian (or more)
  15. What is the real name of Fenn’s Farm?
  16. Name three brooks that run through Middlebury
  17. Where is a village of little houses and what is it called?

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